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About the Program

If you knew a model that is used successfully on five continents in a variety of disciplines and contexts, such as businesses, education, health, sports and families,

Would you like to be certified as experts?

This model exists and is called Meta Learning. The name reflects the fact that this model goes beyond the usual learning that is forgotten over time. The effects of this model are lasting and effective because the model is based on universal scientific principles, which transcend the different disciplines: connectivity, energy, emotional fields and symmetry.

Meta Learning is a model of life, which helps people, families and teams flourish. The statistics show that only 20% of people flourish in life. The remaining 80% languish. People flourish when they can live fully, expressing their potential to the fullest. This is possible today thanks to the Meta Learning model. The model of Meta Learning is a bridge between languishing and flourishing (read my article entitled: A Bridge Between Languish and Flourish here) if you want to know more.

Although it is a psychological-mathematical model, its understanding and application are very easy to understand. Many years ago we were asked to make a training of consultants in the application of the model, for the development of high performance teams. The time has come!

Learn about the fundamentals and applications of the model, the critical variables for high performance and how to handle them, creating virtuous circles of interaction in the teams; the role of emotions and their impact on profitability; the relationship between emotions and nonverbal expressions and their link to performance.


The first training in Meta Learning will start in March 2020 and will last for 8 months, with 4 face-to-face meetings, of 2 days each, with intervals of about 3 months of virtual learning and internships.

Marcial oficial.jpeg
Marcial Losada
Geralda Paulista

The program will be very practical and will be based on the format that Marcial Losada and Geralda Paulista apply in organizations.


You are cordially invited to participate in this learning experience that can transform your lives and the lives of the people and organizations with whom you interact now and in the future.

If the training is of your interest, make a pre-inscription, without commitment of payment.

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