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Ceremonia de Reconocimiento - Winner of the Prize for Innovation and Vision on Future/ Santiago, Chile 2014


Winner of the Prize for Innovation and vision of future: ML Consulting. Pablo Jullian, Personnel Management Corporative Manager and  Marcial Losada, Losada Line Executive Director. On the 16th of January, Bci recognized their providers and presented the Experiencia Proveedores plan in a ceremony that took place in Casa Piedra.


​Jan 16th, 2014

1er Congreso de Innovación/ Santiago, Chile 2013


Be More - Atrévate a más


Mr. Claudio Muñoz, president of Telefonica in Chile at the opening ceremony of their First Congress on Innovation. Marcial Losada was the keynote presenter starting the conference with his talk on Innovation in High-Performance teams. 


​Nov 13th, 2013

X Profile International Conference/Bucharest, Romania


"10 years of excellence in Human Resources Development"


At its tenth edition, the conference approaches a few issues on human resource development (just examples of good practices) and productivity growth.


Participants received practical advice that is immediately applicable and discovered the key to maximize employee efficiency from Romanian and International top speakers. 


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​Oct 2/3, 2013

XV Congreso de Personas y Organización/Casa Piedra



How to motivate and commit the workers with productivity and yet preserve the values and sense of the company?

What is the role of directors and general managers in order to make the companies focus on the new dimensions of business strategy?

XV Congreso de Personas y Organización, Casa Piedra, Chile – July 4th, 2013.


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​Jul 4th, 2013

Positive Business Forum / Milan, Italy 2013


The Secret of Happiness is Strength
Imagine a future where our children are happier and the well-being of people is considered a key element in a company's development and productivity. A future to live in, growing and flourishing. A group of scientists went further, trying to find through scientific evidence the answers and the practical tools to make this future possible.
Positive Business Forum, Milan, Italy – March 27-28, 2013.

Click on the "read more" link to download a PDF with Losada's interview with the Forum's personnel.


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​Mar 27th, 2013

Transbank Active Graduation / Chile ​ 

Conference organized by Universidad Adolfo Ibañez and their eclass project with Transbank.

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​Jan 13, 2013

Conference at Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation / Brasilia, Brazil

PhD. Marcial Losada was invited by the executive secretary of the MCTI, Luis Antonio Elias, to give a conference on high performance teams and the importance of interaction of the members of a team rather than the mere grouping of talents.


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​Dec 20, 2012

Innovation Club / Chile ​ 

In a recent conference organized by the Innovation Club UAI - INNSPIRAL, PhD Marcial Losada talked to General Managers and Innovation Managers from the most important Chilean companies about high performance teams.  


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​Nov 14, 2011

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