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What do we do?

The complexity of the human interaction requires models that are capable of capturing its complex dynamism.                            

 A good nonlinear model with as few variables as possible, is capable of explaining satisfactorily what affects performance.

The Losada Line model (Meta Learning) explains 91% of the performance, while linear models explain a maximum of 30%.

It is considered a breakthrough with regard to studies related to work teams and the capability of capturing the complexity of the human interaction.

The psychological-mathematical model reveals that the members of a high performing team must be capable of presenting and defending a specific point of view as well being capable of asking questions to seek understanding and admiring the others's points of view. (Inquiry - Advocacy).

They must care for their interests as well as the interests of others. (Self - Other)

They must be capable of being at least 3 times more positive than negative. (Positivity - Negativity)

The team that is able to establish these balances is highly connected, presents a dynamic, creative and innovative behavior.

                                                                                                                                         ©2012 Losada Line Consulting

We diagnose. We measure


The diagnosis with all of its metrics, dynamics and benchmarking is done in order to check the team's performance level.

In case the company decides to start the training program to develop high-performing teams, the diagnosis will be repeated after every single task of the program so as to map the team's progress.

These measures are crucial to the developmental process of a team, given the amount of details contained in the feedback they provide.

The diagnosis is delivered to the team along with a presentation on the fundaments of the outcome.

We train. We develop.


The training program is not standard in terms of time and content.

The duration of each program is determined by the results of the diagnosis of each team.

The content of the courses are also shaped according to the measures of each team. We start with the main necessities of each team in order to maximize the learning process and to lead the team into a sustainable high-performing dynamics in a short period of time.

The training consists on developing cognitive and emotional abilities that are expressed verbally and non-verbally so as to balance the critical variables of high performance: 

Inquiry - Advocacy        (I-A)

Positivity / Negativity    (P/N)

Self - Other                  (S-O)

We Give Conferences


PhD. Marcial Losada, former Director of the Center for Advanced Research (CFAR) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, conducted studies on the interaction dynamics and productivity of business teams that led him to implement a unique, scientifically based, approach to develop high performance teams. His pioneering work on applications of nonlinear dynamics to team interaction processes has been published in a number of prestigious scientific journals, and he has made several other contributions that have earned him worldwide recognition. In his conferences, Dr. Losada shows the results of his studies and breakthrough discoveries since the very beginning of his researching process until his most recent findings.  

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