"Just 1 out of 5 work teams operates at a high performance level"
ML Model Revised V. 5.0

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Harvard Business Review

In what proportion should companies offer positive feedback and constructive comments ?

Revista de Marina

Omar Gutierréz Valdebenito, physicist and Chilean Navy captain, writes about Losada's accomplishments


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All our theories explained scientifically.


The diagnosis with all of its metrics, dynamics and benchmarking is done in order to check the team's performance level.


The training consists on developing cognitive and emotional abilities that are expressed verbally and non-verbally.


Dr. Losada shows the results of his studies and breakthrough discoveries since the very beginning of his researching process until his most recent findings.

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"After following Marcial's work during a long time, I had the pleasure of attending Marcial Losada conference in Positive Business (Milano-2013) and I can say that the results of his work facilitating High Achievement Teams in companies are revolutionary in the way we understand relationships at work. As an engineer I can understand the theory behind his work, but what more impressed me is his humanity. I definitively would recommend Marcial to any company that wants to increase the productivity of their teams."



Julian Saez Mateo

Control and Instrumentation Engineer at CPC